Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Greetings! Welcome to the 2013-2014 Troop year we will be starting the week after Labor Day Sept 9th with the Court of Honor scheduled for Sept 30. We will be updating our Calendar shortly! Stay tuned... We will still be meeting in the basement of Derbyshire Bapist Church at 7:15pm on Monday nights ... we meet unless Henrico County Schools are closed(for Holidays, teacher work days or weather related closings).

Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome to the new 2012-2013 Scouting Year!

Reminder December 1 2012 is our Brunswick Stew!  $8 for one quart/$7.50 per quart for more than 1!
Please call your Troop 705 Scout or Troop Committee Chair Gerald Hemphill (804) 740-5711 ext 5!

Also, congratulations to our newest Eagle Scout! Stewart Lawrance. He joins Ryan Root, as having earned his Eagle within the last year!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thanks to those that we visited with at Tuckahoe Middle, Please contact Gerald Hemphill, Troop Committee Chair at work number 804-740-5711 ext 5 or ghemphill@gfhinsurance.com for more info... we meet Mondays from 7:15pm to aprox 8:30pm at Derbyshire Baptist Church on Derbyshire Rd.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Congratulations to Evan Young and Jack Sauer - our newest Eagles!!

Congratulations to Evan Young and Jack Sauer - our newest Eagles!! See our Facebook page for updated PICS!! Reminder, summer camp July 10-16 2011!! Have a great & Safe time!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Eagle Scout in Richmond Times Dispatch!


This guy really sets the bar for all scouts!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hiking checklist

Scout Gear Checklist

Scout Gear Checklist

Basic Gear


Gear - Personal



1 small tube of suntan lotion if needed

Pack Cover

1 small biodegradable soap, in a zip lock bag

Ground Cloth / Plastic sheet

Mosquito/Tick & Chigger repellant or spray(seasonal)

Sleeping Bag ( Min of 20 degrees, in plastic bag/stuff sack)

1 Lip balm with UV

Foam sleeping pad (closed-cell or Therm-a-Rest)

1 small towel for cleanup

1 Poncho or rain suit in lieu of poncho.

Toothbrush & paste

Straps or cord to tie gear to the pack (NO bungee cords)

Several Paper Towels-Napkins-Tissues in a Zip Lock bag

Toilette Paper (1/4 roll in a Zip Lock bag)

Clothing: Wear

1-2 Moleskin Plus pads for Blisters.

1 pair of WOOL socks. (No cotton).

Medical Items: EPI Pens, Medications, etc.

1 pair Polypro sock inner liners.

Boots (waterproof)

Long Pants or Shorts (Seasonal) Quick dry, no Jeans

Gear - Misc.

T-Shirts-Long Sleeve (wicking,quick dry)

1 headlight AND/OR a very small flashlight

Long Underwear (seasonal)

Sun glasses (optional)

Light/Heavy Jacket (seasonal)

Compass (not Lensatic)

Hat (wide brim preferred for sun & rain protection)


Hat (wool/fleece knit hat for cold weather & sleeping)

Straps (NO bungee cords)

Spare line

Clothing - Pack

Scout Handbook

1 or 2 pair of WOOL socks. (No cotton).

Small Pad & Pencil-Pen

1or 2 pair Polypro sock inner liners.

Tri-Pod stool

1 Sweater/fleece (seasonal.

2 Large H/D garbage bags

Change of clothes & other items: gloves, etc.


Gear - Food & Water

Food items in Zip Lock bags:

Bowl (cool whip works great)

1 Night Camp outing:


Saturday Bag Lunch

1 Nalgene bottle w/o tape

Saturday Dinner items as assigned by the Patrol Leader

1 Nalgene bottle w/duct tape (3 wraps)

Sunday Breakfast items as assigned by the Patrol Leader

1 Cup (measuring style) for cocoa, oatmeal, etc.

Money for Sunday fast food lunch on the way home

2 Night Camp outing: All items for 1 Night +

Saturday Breakfast items as assigned by the Patrol Leader

Saturday Lunch items as assigned by the Patrol Leader or Bag Lunch

Extra/Personal Items

Instant Oatmeal, snacks in small bags, cereal bars, etc

Instant Cocoa mix, Apple Cider, or Cool Aid mix (seasonal)

Hiking/Camping tips - See Links for Meal Tips

The number one thing to remember is “Keep it Simple”. The saying goes, “If you take care of the ounces the pounds will take care of themselves”


  • You will want to dress warmly and prepare to sleep warmly as well. This will add a little weight to the pack but well worth it.
  • Pack one change of clothes for each of you. No more.
  • Get good footwear. Some folks like the Keen boots from Blue Ridge Mountain Sports and they give a 10% scout discount.
  • Get two pair of wool socks and liners for each of you. These are critical for hiking. We prefer the SmartWool brand from BRMS. Take another pair for camp and sleeping in. Do not sleep in wet socks or clothes.
  • Some folks like to use hammocks and tarps. That would cut your costs down. Or you can split your tent between the two of you – one takes the poles and fly, the other takes the tent
  • If you want a personal stove, the MSR Pocket Rocket is a good entry level stove. The JetBoil is nicer but it has a much higher entry cost. You just need something to boil water in.
  • You will want to have a head lamp rather than a flashlight. Much lighter and easier to manage when setting up camp in the dark. We like the Petzl head lamps. Again BRMS
  • Pack Toilet Paper! The Privies do not have paper in them.
  • Pack a first aid kit with at a minimum bandaids, moleskin, motrin (for your back) and duct tape (roll short lengths into small packets)
  • Pack your pack with the weight to the bottom and back of your pack. Put your food on top.
  • Your packs should weigh in at 20% of your body weight fully packed with gear, food and water.


  • See the attached recommended cold weather camping food list. This is a good guide.
  • You can buy Mountain House at Dicks or BRMS. Or you can go to the grocery store and make up your own list. This is cheaper. If you do, repack everything into ziplock bags and then put each meal in a gallon ziplock and label it for easy retrieval. Use the extra bags to put your clothes in. This lightens the load, gets rid of trash and organizes things so that you can get to them quickly. Trash just goes back into the gallon bag when you are done and you pack it out. Remember to practice Leave No Trace
  • Pack a candy bar for each of you. Save them for late in the day when you are tired. It will give you the boost that you need to get into camp.
  • Water, Water and more Water. This is critical you need to hydrate all day long.
  • Be sure to pack a rope to hang your bear bag with.